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About Us

Ed Hunters isn't just your typical tribute band. We're a group of passionate music lovers who share a deep admiration for the legendary tunes of Iron Maiden. Our members hail from various corners of Europe - Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, and Portugal - bringing together a rich tapestry of cultural influences and talents.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of Iron Maiden's iconic sound and stage presence. With Nicko McBrain's Original Drumkit at the heart of our sound, we pour our hearts into every performance, meticulously recreating the electrifying energy and unforgettable melodies that have enchanted audiences worldwide for decades.

But Ed Hunters is more than just a band; we're a family bonded by our shared love for Iron Maiden. Over the years, we've built a loyal following of fans who appreciate our commitment to preserving the spirit of the original band. Whether we're belting out classic hits or exploring lesser-known gems, our goal is simple: to transport our audiences back to the golden age of heavy metal.

One of our proudest moments was gracing the stage for the official Iron Maiden Fan Club Pre Party in London at the Cart & Horses, where we had the honor of entertaining die-hard fans in the heart of the band's homeland.

Our journey began in 2005, when founding members Jeff Buchette (Guitar), Andy Wildschütz (Guitar), Änder Millim (Drums), Raoul Briesch (Bass), and Dimitri Ambrosius (Vocals) came together to pay homage to Iron Maiden. Along the way, we've faced our fair share of challenges, including inevitable lineup changes. But through it all, Jeff and Andy's determination never wavered, leading us to find the perfect ensemble.

In 2015, we celebrated a decade of rocking out with a memorable performance featuring Raphael Gambuto (Drums), Vincent Niclou (Bass), and Terry Krier (Vocals). However, life threw us a curveball when Jeff joined another Tribute band, prompting a temporary hiatus until 2018.

But like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the summer of 2018 marked a new beginning for Ed Hunters. Jeff rallied a fresh lineup comprising Nelson Maia (Vocals), Andre Mertens (Guitar), Stéph Savage (Bass), Rod Sovilla (Drums), and Fab Savage (Keyboard and Technician), all die-hard Iron Maiden enthusiasts.

Despite the ups and downs, one thing remains constant: our unwavering commitment to honoring Iron Maiden's legacy. Fueled by our passion and dedication, we continue to captivate audiences with our electrifying performances, paying homage to the timeless music of Iron Maiden.

Now Ed Hunters is back as European Iron Maiden Tribute Band!

Vocals: Nelson Maia (Portugal)
Guitar: Jeff Buchette (Luxembourg)
Guitar: Andre Mertens (Germany)
Bass: Stéph Savage (Belgium)
Drums: Rod Sovilla (France)
Keyboard & Technician: Fab Sauvage (France)

Ed Hunters then and now

First show 2005:
Andy Wildschütz (Guitar), Raoul Briesch (Bass), Dimitri Ambrosius (Vocals), Jeff Buchette (Guitar) and Änder Millim (Drums)


Line-Up 2007:
Jeff Buchette (Guitar), Marc Muller (Bass), Raphael Gambuto (Drums), Andy Wildschütz (Guitar), Terry Krier (Vocals), Michel Decker (Guitar)


Line-Up 2015:
Terry Krier (Vocals), Jeff Buchette (Guitar), Vincent Niclou (Bass), Raphael Gambuto (Drums) and Christian Schmitt (Guitar)


First Show current Line-Up 2018:
Andre Mertens (Guitar), Jeff Buchette (Guitar), Nelson Maia (Vocals), Steph Savage (Bass), Rod Sovilla (Drums)

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